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Hello, I am Nick Howk, and I am the Music Minister at St. Stephen's. I direct our choir and oversee the musical events of our Parish. I can be found on Sunday mornings joyfully leading hymns and worship songs at our 10:00 service. I can also be found with a classical guitar at Wednesday Morning Eucharist, beginning the day with worship and song. I organize and direct numerous musical events throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me for all things musical.

I serve as a Licensed Lay Preacher at St. Stephen's.  I have the joy and privilege of teaching and equipping God's people for their ministry in the world.  I preach on a regular basis along with our Rector, Pastor Linda, and Pastor Kep. Through His Word, God is building us into a community of service and love; to be his people in the world.

I believe I was made to worship.  From a young age, I was attracted to music and learned to play the accordion and later the trombone.  But when I heard the Beatles on Ed Sullivan….. I had to play the guitar!  Christmas came and there was a guitar under the tree, but now I needed a teacher.  A local church was having an outreach with free guitar lessons.  I went, and I met a great teacher who continued to teach me for several years.  Later on in High School, my Roman Catholic Priest sent me to a weeklong retreat for youth leaders.  I heard nuns singing praise songs with the guitar for the first time.  This was great!  I learned the songs and returned home.  I soon discovered that my priest had plans for me.   He wanted me to bring this style of worship to our church and within a few weeks, that was what I was doing.  Soon I was playing at another Roman Catholic Church and an Episcopal Church as well.  As a senior in high school I was a traveling worship leader and I have been involved in worship ever since.  Even after all these years, I still love to worship, there’s nothing like it!

My other passion is helping people.  I am a Clinical Pastoral Counselor with BreakThru Counseling Center.  In my practice, I help people with relational and behavioral problems.  I especially like working with couples.  I do both pre-marital and marriage counseling.  I have a BS in psychology from Vanguard University and an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from CSU Dominguez Hills.

I have the joy of working with my wife, Pastor Kep.  Besides being a Priest, she is also a Marriage and Family Therapist, and Director of BreakThru Counseling.  We live in Cypress and while we haven’t been blessed with children, we have a full life, serving our clients and loving the church.  We also have fun, riding our bikes, sharing a good book, playing with our dogs, or just relaxing over a good cup of coffee.

I feel that we have really found a home here at St. Stephen’s.  The people are friendly and really have a heart to serve.  They serve each other but they also reach out in love to our local neighborhoods.  I feel like I am leading a worshipping community, a community who worships with their lives as well as their songs.  I invite you to come worship with us.

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