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Hi! I am Pastor Kep and I am excited about what God is doing in my life and through the ministry work I participate in at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Tustin. Every church carries a special gifting from God and what St. Stephen's has to offer the Tustin community is friendship:so what I have found to be most true about St. Stephen's is that the people are friendly and easy to be is truly a place where you can be yourself and at the same time meet with God. The role I play here as assistant pastor is to support the various ministries that take place and to pray for the church, its people and the local Tustin community.

In getting to know me you will find that my primary areas of interest are involved in helping people grow and mature in their relationship to God. I have been in the healing arts since 1988 where I first formed an organization called BreakThru Ministries.  BreakThru has been very involved in helping the greater church at large reach out to their broken in heart.  Through the years we have offered workshops and consultations to churches and para church organizations, along with counseling services to individuals, couples and families seeking spiritual and relational clarity for their life.

I also currently serve as the chaplain for the Orange County Order of St. Luke’s, a healing community that offers prayer to those in need. With St Stephen’s holding to the traditions of our Fathers, you can guess that I also love the contemplative side of Christian spirituality.  

There are many other aspects that I could share about my life but the most important of them all is my husband, Nick. I simply enjoy being with him: whether that is chatting while drinking a cup of java, eating popcorn while watching a movie, or riding our bikes down the riverbed. And finally, I must admit, I enjoy meeting and talking with new people and would so love to get to know you…


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